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Cranleigh 15/21

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Updated 3/04/2018

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Cranleigh 15 / 21

Results of the event on 25th March 2018 can be found on the StuWeb website. If you have any question about the results, please contact Brian Vine.

Please look out for the next Cranleigh 15 / 21 event in March next year.

This is an open event held in March each year, and is highly recommended as a pre-London Marathon event. The course consists of a 9-mile loop and a 6-mile loop, with the option on the day of running the 6-mile loop twice for a total of 21 miles.

Click here for further details and how to get there.

Click on the images below to see a map of the course and start/finish details.

Click on image for map of route Click on image for start & finish map
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