Windsor MABAC (Blacknest Gate)

Organiser: MAGIC

New numbers will be issued at the start, to be used for the whole year. So please return your number after each race, or bring it with you to the next event.

Win a 'Beat your Age' certificate by running 8 miles in fewer minutes than your age in years (ladies discount your time by 15%) email Ken Saunders to claim your certificate.

There will be two options for runners again this year:  the full 8 mile road circuit and an out-and-back 4 mile(ish) run.  The latter will turn at the junction/marshal just before the 2 mile marker on the main route. 

Juniors not wishing to do the 4 miles will have separate shorter off-road circuit.      

Pay and display car park charge is £4 [2013] Please have suitable coins [£2 coins not accepted] Why not share a car?

How to find the Windsor MABAC (Blacknest Gate)

From London, take the A30 southbound to Egham, beyond the M25 (this will take you alongside, but not onto, the M25 at junction 13).

On the A30, proceed up Egham Hill past Royal Holloway College. In a mile or two turn right onto the A329 Bracknell. Blacknest Gate car park is about one mile further on, on the right. This is a pay-and-display car park. From the car park, go through gate to the Park and turn left along the path. About 10 minute walk to the start.

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