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This page concerns the normal monthly league events, and covers running numbers and the points scoring system. It will greatly help the time-keepers and prevent errors, if we each do our bit to make sure that they have the correct information.

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Updated 28/04/2013







[April 2013]


All children under 10 must have an adult running with them, at the child's pace.

Once you have finished your run, remember others are still finishing so please keep the course and the timekeepers line of sight clear.

If you go forward of the finish line after you have finished your run, please remove your running number. Timekeepers are easily confused and if you run towards us a second time we may record you again, in which case you will be given the slower time!!

Do not take dogs round the course, and keep them on a lead in areas where runners congregate.

All participants

Can any runner with a medical condition please write a brief description on the back of their number, and mark the front with a cross so if anything should happen we know to look. Thank you.

  Please do not wear headphones while running as you will not be able to hear if a marshall gives you an instruction!!


Amendment System

Results are treated as provisional for one week, during which time any any inaccuracies should be notified to Jenny Bell, MABAC Results Secretary. [Simple errors, may be emailed direct to Ross Rebbeck, MABAC Webmaster]. After this time the results will be final and no further changes will be entertained.



Race Numbers

Please can runners remember if they go for a cool-down, or go to support their team-members and go back onto the course, that they take off their race-number. it is very confusing for the time-keepers, as they cannot tell whether you have already been recorded. Thank You.




Running Numbers



Club Reps

Please ensure that your club has someone at each event who is responsible for giving out the numbers, and collecting them up afterwards.

The first member to arrive from each club should take the numbers and list from the time-keeper's table and find a place for their club to congregate - They should not just take their own number and leave the rest on the table, as the space is needed to give out the joggers and juniors numbers



(two laps)

Please go to your club area. On your first race of the year you will be given a new number, to be used for the rest of the year. Please return your number after each race, or bring it with you to the next event (but don't forget to register).

If you forget or lose your number, do not take a different one, ask for a replacement. Also do not lend your number or use anyone else's. Otherwise the results will be invalid.

If, before the race, you decide to do only one lap, please don't use your number, but get one from the time-keeper's table. But, on the other-hand, if you retire after one lap, make sure the time-keepers at the finish know.




Please go to the time-keeper's table, where you will be given a number for that race only




How points are scored



Senior League

Each runner earns 5 points for their club on completing the course (8 points for Windsor).

In addition, the first 6 men and 3 ladies from each club qualify for extra bonus points. Since there are 12 clubs in the league, the maximum number of qualifying runners is 104. However, not all clubs always field a full complement of qualifiers. In each race, the first one home receives, in addition to the 5 points, a bonus equivalent to the number of qualifiers in that race. So the number of points received by the winner will vary. Subsequent qualifiers will each receive one fewer point than the previous one, so that the last qualifier will earn a total of 6 points. A complicated system, but designed to balance quantity with quality. Have a look at a recent result to see how it works.

Joggers, walkers, and runners retiring after the first lap, each receive 2 points (no bonuses)



Junior League

With the Juniors, each runner receives 2 points. Then the first 6 runners from each club (regardless of gender) receive bonus points. The Juniors are handicapped by age and gender which is worked out before the points are allocated.