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* Running events shown below in green are our own (including MABACs); the remainder are organized by other bodies. SRL = Surrey Road League. RC = County Championships. XC = cross-country.

* Non-running social events (all our own) are shown in red.

For information on other races, see the Runner's World website (go to Race Diary). See also Running Diary - The place to find your next race, Runners Web UK, or the listings provided by Serpentine Running Club.

Windmilers training schedule, September–December 2003

Past events are listed on our Old events pages (also for 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999). As events happen they are removed from the listing on this page and transferred to Old events. This is done monthly. Expired events in the current month are merely rendered invisible: to see them, do View | Source.


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